EP Tutoring services

At EP Tutoring we know every student is unique so this is the reason we offer different programs for our students and parents. EP Tutoring provides services such free consultations, one-on-one or small groups tutoring sessions, test reviews, math workshops for youth and adults and much more. Most of our workshop are bilingual English-Spanish.

One-On-One at your home or On-Site Tutoring

This service provides professional tutoring service for elementary to college students. Tutoring session can take place on-site, student’s home, school or public libraries. This means that you don’t have to drive all the way up to our tutoring center. We will ride to you.


Math Workshops & Homework Help Center

Math Workshops and Homework Help take place in our tutoring center.

Math workshops excellent for youth students and adults who are preparing either to enter a new math level, master a specific topic or just want to refresh their knowledge in math. These programs helps participants acquire the necessary math knowledge and skills to become more confident of working with math concepts.

Improve your math skills and prepare your self to succeed in any advanced mathematics course. Check out our workshops for youth and adults.

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